Why choose Chatbot Forge?

At Chatbot Forge we combine a deep knowledge of chatbot technology... with a love for conversation design and copywriting.

Every bot we create is custom-built.

We don’t use templates, either for our flows or our scripts.

We always build from the ground up.

We are equally comfortable whether we’re creating a rules-based bot to connect to your Facebook page, or an AI-enabled bot to help you with customer support on your website.

Often we’ll combine the two… rules-based flows supported by AI.

On any given day…

Co-founder James Burchill is coding flows and taking calls from industry experts who typically ask questions like, “How did you DO that??”

Meanwhile, co-founder Nick Usborne is writing your chatbot scripts, applying his skills as “the man who invented conversational copywriting”.

The bots we build…

We’re open to talking about any kind of bot. But we have deep expertise in chatbots that deliver the following…

1.   Customer service

2.   Lead generation

3.   Subscription sales

4.   Product sales

5.   Loyalty programs

Watch our demos…

We’re building a library of short chatbot demos, to give you an idea of what chatbots can do. So far we have demos for:

Real Estate Professionals

Restaurant Rewards Program

Gourmet Coffee Industry

Even if these aren’t a match for your own industry vertical, the real estate bot will show you how easy it is to use a bot to generate new leads. And the coffee bot shows how you can actually complete a sale within the bot conversation, without sending users anywhere else.

Next steps…

If you’re looking for a custom chatbot solution, built by true experts who are deeply passionate about their work… never over-promise… and won’t compromise… let’s talk.

You can reach us through our contact page…

James Burchill

James Burchill


Nick Usborne