The 3 superpowers of a well-designed chatbot.

First, what’s a chatbot?

For the purposes of this post, a chatbot is the automated part of any conversation you have with a business through Facebook Messenger.

It’s texting… but with a company instead of a friend.

Now let me provide a little context and background for my “superpowers” claim.

In the world of B2C marketing, a traditional sales journey or funnel looks something like this…

You pay for ads, which drive traffic to a landing page, which delivers a freebie while collecting an email address, which triggers the delivery of an email sequence over a period of days, and finally ends with a last chance offer and a link to a shopping cart.

That’s how is goes. Usually.

Which brings us to…

Chatbot Superpower #1: This a single-channel solution… no funnels required.

When you move from ad to landing page, to emails to a website shopping cart, you are moving your prospect through 4 separate channels.

That’s a lot of friction. With each jump you’re losing a ton of people.

But that’s not how it is with chatbot marketing.

The first step, paid or organic, is when someone moves from Facebook to Facebook Messenger, usually while on their phone.

After that, the entire sales process can take place within the chatbot itself. (Doesn’t have to. But it can.)

All the same elements are included… the offer and delivery of a free download, the collection of an email address… just in case… the final sales message and, where appropriate, a shopping cart.

Yes, you can integrate a shopping cart into your chatbot.

So… almost zero friction.

No jumping from channel to channel or platform to platform.

And that’s why conversion rates are so much higher with chatbots.

Chatbot Superpower #2: It’s a single session solution

A traditional funnel sequence typically plays out over the course of several days. For example, there may be a day or two between each of those automated emails.

This long timeline gives your prospects plenty of time to lose interest or become distracted.

In fact, after you’ve got them interested in your product or service, they now have time to find and research your competitors.

That long timeline is a weakness, and a vulnerability.

Now let’s compare the chatbot experience.

Once you’ve engaged someone in conversation with your chatbot, you not only keep them on a single channel and a single device… but you can also complete the entire sales process within a single session.

And that session is rarely longer than a minute or two.

Think about that. Visualize the timelines here.

To close a traditional sale online typically take days, with a high percentage of prospects losing interest along the way.

Closing a sale with a chatbot takes a minute or two.

Chatbot Superpower #3: It’s an interactive experience, driven by the user

With traditional marketing and copywriting, we’re writing a sales message AT our audience.

When someone reads your ad, sales pages or emails… they are simply passive consumers of the information you are sharing.

They have no investment in the experience. They’re not participants.

They’re just reading or watching.

Now consider the chatbot experience people have on their phones.

First, they are actively participating in the experience.

Every well-designed chatbot flow will include some multiple-choice questions.

The answers people select will dictate which part of the flow they will be taken down next. In other words, the experience is customized in line with the choices individuals make.

The user is an active participant in the process.

They are tapping their phones, making choices, choosing their own way forward.

They are engaged. They feel in control. They are invested in the experience.

This explains why so few people abandon the process, and why conversion rates are so high when you use chatbot marketing.

Finally… about those conversion rates.

To sum up…

There is very little friction when you sell with a chatbot, because it’s a single-channel experience.

You get fewer people peeling off along the way, because the process is completed on a single device in a matter of minutes.

And your prospects stay the course because they are true participants in the conversation and feel in control.

This is why chatbots typically achieve open rates of 80-90%.

And 10 times the conversion rate of an email promotion.

Yep… chatbots have true superpowers!

Finally, if you haven’t tried already, it’s time to “show” rather than “tell”.

Experience all this in real life by having a chat with our very own chatbot.