Chatbots get better results because no navigation is required.

navigation is always a challenge

That may sound like a small thing.

But it’s not.

It’s huge.

Go to a website you haven’t been to before, and try finding what you’re looking for.

Maybe go to an outdoor equipment store and look for a pair of hiking boots.

Enjoy the journey… because your navigation struggle is about to begin.

You’ve got to scan the entire homepage and then decide which link to click to get you closer to the page that sells hiking boots.

You might make a mistake and have to double back. It might take you three or four clicks from the homepage until you get to the page that features the pair of boots you want.

Navigating a website is a pain.

That’s why, from the very early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos had his developers obsess over reducing the number of clicks it took for someone to get from the homepage to the product page they were actually looking for.

It’s a big deal, because conversion rates drop off dramatically with every additional click a visitor has to make.

Smartphone apps aren’t much better…

Turn on your smartphone and you definitely want to avoid websites if you can.

If you thought they were hard to navigate and explore on your laptop, good luck on your phone.

And smartphone apps aren’t much better.

They also come with a variety of navigation options.

Sometimes these can be found at the top right, sometimes at the bottom.

With apps there seems to be very little in terms of user experience consistency.

You have to spend time figuring out how each new app works.

And every time someone is scratching their head, trying to figure out how to get what they want from your app, the more your conversion rates fall.

No wonder people prefer messaging platforms.

With websites and traditional apps being hard to use on a phone, you might think the dominant force would be social media.


As of last year, people spent less time on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than they did on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and SMS.

Messaging is now the always-on first choice for people to stay connected with friends, family and even their favorite brands.

Tap into the popularity of messaging with a chatbot.

Chatbots live on messaging platforms.

Instead of texting back and forth with a friend, you’re chatting back and forth with a chatbot.

And… lucky you… no navigation is required.

This is a very big deal.

On websites and even with traditional smartphone apps, you lose visitors along the way because they get frustrated trying to find the page they really want.

With texting there is only one page.

The experience is linear, from top to bottom. Just text, swipe and tap, all on the same screen.

By delivering a zero-navigation experience, chatbots can hold the attention of users for longer, make a more favorable impression, and give marketers a much higher return on their investments.

Chatbots rock, because no navigation is required.

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