What is omnichannel marketing and why should you use it?

What Is Omnichannel Marketing

That’s a great question.

You’ve probably heard of multichannel marketing – well, omnichannel marketing is its cousin.

You see, multichannel means just that: start in one (of many) channels and exit from that same channel.

  • Start in A – end in A (but you could have begun in any channel.)

Omnichannel Marketing is different

  • You can start in channel A,
  • Switch to channel B,
  • Later skip back to A and
  • End in channel C.

“So what?” you say.

Another great question.

Well, here’s why:

Omnichannel marketing is the fusion of multiple channels into one, seamless, homogenous “virtual channel.”

The user no longer has to remember if they’re “in email,” or “on messenger,” or “texting.”

The conversation is the focus: not the channel, not the technology, not the platform.

When all 3 channels combine, you achieve extraordinarily high engagement, open and conversion rates.

Chatbots embrace omnichannel marketing 

These amazing programs blur the lines between three (3) of the most popular messaging channels available today:

  1. Facebook Messenger,
  2. Email and
  3. SMS text messages.

And with the ability to start one of those omnichannel conversations through a webchat widget, link, button or even a QR code, there is no excuse for not embracing this powerful technology.

  • [ASIDE] If you want to get a better understanding of the ‘3 superpowers of a well-designed chatbot,’ you should read my Chatbot Forge Co-Founder, Nick’s latest article.

Imagine the scenario:

A visitor lands on your website and is greeted by a WEB CHAT WIDGET. (The little pop-open bubble in the bottom corner of many of today’s websites.)

The user engages (chats) with the widget and begins a Facebook Messenger conversation.

Under the new Facebook rules, the first 24 hours are key. After that, Facebook (for quality control reasons,) insists the user re-start the conversation for more FB messaging to continue. (Basically, FB wants you to keep an active 24-hour rolling window of engagement.)

But … Outside the first 24 hours, there are no restrictions on using EMAIL … Or SMS.

The typical email follow-up sequence works just as well – perhaps better – when it’s part of an interactive, mobile message conversation.

And with open rates upwards of 80% on mobile devices, combining the original powerhouse platform (EMAIL) with the new kid on the block (Facebook Messaging) is an incredible partnership.

But what of SMS?

Again, the “short message service” (SMS) is a popular way of telegraphing important information to subscribers. And no one said you could not link back to a Facebook Messenger or Email sequence! [Cue: Villanous Chuckle]

Okay, it’s not really “villainous,” (that was for effect.) It’s actually 100% good-guy because it’s permission-based, real-time and entirely controlled by the user.

And that’s another reason omnichannel marketing is so powerful. It engages the user on their terms, in their preferred channel, in a way that speaks to them.

Remember, if you thought email was powerful … You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Especially when you combine the power of 3 of the industry’s most powerful channels into one unified experience: The Chatbot.

Finally, if you haven’t tried a chatbot already, it’s time for me to “show,” rather than “tell.”

Experience all this in real life by chatting with our very own bot.