We Create Conversational Chatbots

Because better conversations lead to more profitable relationships

At Chatbot Forge we take care of the technology and the conversational design, so you can…

  • Automate your Tier 1 customer service.
  • Generate more leads and direct sales.
  • Sell subscriptions with simple chatbot flows.
  • Create your own loyalty program within Messenger.
  • And more.
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“The bot results blew us away. It immediately generated direct sales and gave us warm leads. And it continues to introduce our product to potential customers every day – virtually on autopilot.” – Keith Trimels, Marketing Manager, Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

Our Chatbots Are Insanely Effective When It Comes To...


Customer Service

  • We create AI-powered chatbots that take care of your Tier 1 customer service interactions, at scale, and at a fraction of the usual cost.

  • Automating these simple, first-tier inquiries frees up your staff to tackle the more demanding questions.   


Lead Generation & Direct Sales

  • We can design your chatbot to capture new leads, including email addresses and phone numbers.

  • We can also design your bot to open a sales conversation with your prospects, and close the sale within chat.

Here's What We Can Do For You...

Our Services

  • Chatbot strategy development
  • Chatbot persona creation
  • Chatbot messaging & flows
  • Chatbot integration and launch
  • Chatbot management
  • Chatbot marketing

Our Specialities

  • Conversational design
  • Conversational copywriting
  • Technical chatbot wizardry
  • Omni-channel sales optimization
  • And… we’re easy to work with

Our Founders

Nick Usborne

Nick has been working as a professional copywriter for over 40 years, working with companies like:

Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, J. Paul Getty Trust, New York Times, Reuters, WebEx, the U.S. Navy  and others.

He has won 16 copywriting awards along the way… all based on results achieved.

His specialty is short-form conversational copywriting that builds relationships and closes sales.

James Burchill

James Burchill

Myers–Briggs profiled James as an INTJ – “The Mastermind.” This system builder is one of the rarest psychological types accounting for ~2% of the population.

James is certified in NLP, an accomplished writer and technology trainer with over 31,000 global students.

Selling his first software program while still in school, James went on to work with Oracle, IBM, HP, Goodyear, eBay, and many hundreds of Entrepreneurs and SMBs.

"In a world of instant pundits and stuffed shirts, Nick Usborne stands out as an astute, insightful and original mind. He’s able to find substance when others see just fluff, and can cut right to the core of the issue."
Seth Godin
"The services James provided GoodYear have been exemplary. We are also obviously thrilled with his experience, technical know how and execution abilities to deliver on the promises that constituted the assignment and the cost estimates. I have no problem recommending James' services to anyone."
Ian McIntosh
GM Advertising & Marketing Services, Goodyear Canada Inc.
"Long gone are the days of pushy, one-directional sales and marketing. Today it's all about engaging customers in real conversation. Who better to create this dialog than Nick Usborne, the man who invented Conversational Copywriting?!"
Matt Leitz
Co-Founder, BotBuilders.com
"I’ve known Nick for a long time. In the early days of digital marketing (prior to Google), he was there helping brands (and me) to think differently about how we create online. He was right back then. He’s still doing it now. Always a pleasure to connect, learn and share with him."
Mitch Joel
"James is the only person I know who is sharp as a tack where marketing and technology are concerned, can sit and write for sixteen hours straight when he decides to, and also has a right brain a lot of poets or painters would kill for. A rather exotic cocktail of talents and skills, knowledge and service chops. And he makes his clients money!"
Tom St.Louis
"Working with James is like finding a rare gem. He’s highly knowledgeable in his field and in other broader subjects, yet approachable and easy to talk to when conveying your needs. This combination results in the secure feeling that he has the experience to execute a plan to solve your problem. In short, he's brilliant. I highly recommend working with him."
Lindsey Di Marcantonio
"The best writers are also clear thinkers who can distill complex issues and processes into something entirely more manageable. Nick does this well as a writer, certainly. But his talents apply more broadly to business as well. He has a real talent for seeing through the clutter, and recognizing what works and what doesn’t work when marketing online."
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs.com

Let’s work together to bring your chatbot to life.

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